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Former home of bamboo treeFormer home of Bamboo tree
Two years ago, I planted two trees that were a surprise gift from my friend. One tree hated our plains country (bamboo), and the other (Red Maple) loved it. Unfortunately, so did the local deer. Took me three days to dig into the ground deep enough to plant the trees with all sorts of shovels, and picks and pry bars, and adding loads of good soil – and I am left with t-posts surrounding nothing. The T-posts are rock solid into the earth, and I am not going to dig them up.
Used to be a Red Maple treeUsed to be a Red Maple tree
We live in Gumbo (translated means really interesting mud that gets really slick when wet, and dries cement hard) country in eastern Montana. Not many trees around, but I would like to have a couple. At least I would like to do something with the T-post area…What to do?
Wide shot of Linda Lou's garden in Ingomar, MT

Maybe you can help….

1. Ground is Gumbo – rock solid when dry. The most slippery, sticky stuff when wet.
2. Original trees, in center of T-posts were eaten by deer, and put in place to help the trees stay in place when it was windy. All that is left are T-posts. They are cemented in that Gumbo.
3. Need to fix this area up, without removing the T-posts. Prefer low cost, fun, imaginative solutions for a whimsical-themed garden that stands a good chance of survival [or that might flourish] in the dry prairie land of the Eastern Montana plains.

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Jersey hat 1Pancake Patty Aprons
Adventures with Ragweed Book cover and packet of giant pumpkin seeds from the Lazy JC in Melstone, MT


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