Book-signing in Roundup October 2015

Author Linda Lou Crosby Book-Signing, October 27, 2015
at the Roundup, MT Library



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PRESS RELEASE Contact: Linda Lou Crosby

Roundup Library (406-323-1802)

Come to the Roundup Library Tuesday, October 27th at 6:00PM for a book-signing by Linda Lou Crosby, Eastern Montana award-winning writer, and tall tale adventurer. Crosby has been known to swim out of a sinking vehicle in February in Arizona, play world class tennis in Paris by day while making theater audiences laugh at night, and even rebuild a car engine for a TV show. Most recently Crosby talked her husband and a best friend into driving five and a half hours, with a trailer full of costumes and sets, to put on an old-time radio show for 10 people in a small town near the Canadian border. “Ten people might be over-estimating the audience,” adds Crosby. “We started in Melstone and ended up 60 miles from Canada. I probably should have checked the distance before I said yes. At least we had good coats.” Her ride-alongs cannot be reached for comment. At the Roundup Library event, Crosby will be offering insight into her captivating book, “Adventures With Ragweed.” Why adventures? Why humor? Why Ragweed? Ragweed is a young girl, a whimsical character with a gift for getting into all kinds of mischief; especially displeasing to Ragweed’s parents, who are continually caught off guard by some very unusual outcomes. Read the full press release.


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