Book Signing with Quilters

“Adventures with Ragweed” Book Signing
Held in Melstone, Montana

“Life’s a Stitch” was the theme for Linda Lou Crosby’s “Adventures with Ragweed” book signing at the recent Cross Country Piece Makers quilting gathering in Melstone, Montana. “It was a wonderful, fun group of ladies,” said Crosby, who talked to the group about how putting together a quilt is a lot like the process for putting together a series of stories.

Friend and quilter Coleen Robinson (pictured above left) had invited Crosby to talk to the quilting group, and Crosby jumped at the chance. “I so admire quilters…all the techniques they bring to the table…quilting colors and styles…it’s quite wonderful,” said Crosby.

Crosby, who is an Emmy-nominated video producer, and award winning humor columnist, enjoys sharing “Ragweed” with others. “It was amazing to see the creativity around the room as ladies shared their various color schemes and quilting ideas with each other, and me,” added Crosby, “and I shared my Ragweed writing experience with them.”

Quilters enjoying their work at the Cross Country Piece Makers gathering, Melstone, MT.

Crosby’s book “Adventures with Ragweed” is a group of stories about a whimsical little girl who talks her best friend Marney into various creative adventures with interesting, albeit not always planned, outcomes. When Crosby was asked “Are you Ragweed?” She smiled and said, “Maybe a little.”


Will the book be hitting stores soon? “Yes,” said Crosby, who is busy planning for her next book signing at the Forsyth Library July 25th, in Forsyth, Montana. “I love libraries,” added Crosby. “From the first time I ever went to one. Books open the door to a magic world we can all enter, and Ragweed is a part of that magic world. I also plan to have a list of stores where the books are available on our website.”

In the meantime, the Cross Country Piece Makers are going to make an “Adventures with Ragweed” themed quilt that will be auctioned off next year with funds going to a children’s organization. “I can’t wait to see what they come up with for the quilt,” said Crosby, who will be visiting the group later on this year to see how things are coming along with the Ragweed-themed quilt, and how other quilts she saw in Melstone are turning out.

Right now, “Adventures with Ragweed” is available on Amazon, with an e-version at Kindle and can also be ordered at Crosby’s website To contact Crosby directly, you can e-mail her at

Ragweed and Marney are two main characters in the book who venture onto various adventures with surprising results; especially surprising to Ragweed’s parents who are continually caught off guard by the unusual outcomes of each escapade.
To see an animated video and learn more about Crosby and the book visit:
Books are available on Amazon.

More photos of the Melstone book signing…
Quilters 2 photo

Quilter 5 photo

Quilter 4 photo

Quilter 3 photo

Quilter 1 photo

Quilt sample table



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